My first money-making business started in primary school. I was 10. Everyday, I read the papers, painstakingly selected and put the best bits together in a broadsheet of my own, which I then distributed at school - surprisingly there was quite a few kids who were willing to give me their lunch money for a copy. These days you’d call that an entrepreneurial venture in content curation; but back then my mom had to come in for a chat about her child’s ‘worrying early display of capitalistic tendencies’. Tomato, tomahto.

Twenty years on, many things have changed and many haven’t. I now know the value of naps, root vegetables, and persisting for what you believe in even if they say you are wrong (and also copyright laws). On the other hand, I still read while I eat, enjoy doing things a bit differently, and love a good fun fact.

I still think there is nothing more enjoyable than a good conversation, from which you walk away learning more than expected. I hope there’s something here that will start such a conversation for you.

A few posts to help you get to know me a bit better:

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